Formwork Solutions with Expanded Polystyrene


Expanded polystyrene is a multi-purpose material that has become so common that most people don’t even realize how important it is to their daily lives. What adds to the confusion is that there is no uniform name for products made from it – often it is simply shortened to EPS, but terms like Geofoam are also used. You may know it as styrofoam.

It comes in two primary forms – as solid plastic and polystyrene foam. Its plastic form is used to manufacture a multitude of consumer products, but polystyrene foam has been the catalyst for modernizing construction work. EPS is the basic building block of many construction projects, both as void filling and thermal insulation. Let’s discuss some of its features and common uses.

The three main features that make EPS so valued for building projects are its insulating property, low weight, and high compressive strength. Expanded polystyrene is very easy to transport and shape, so no complicated machinery or logistics are necessary for its application. It is also recyclable, making it an eco-friendly construction material.

Many architects, engineers, and contractors see expanded polystyrene as their go-to material for the projects they are working on. The insulating properties and compressive strength, combined with its low weight and ease of use, make EPS the most cost-effective construction material you are likely to find. By using it, you are not only saving money, but also adding to the security of your buildings and protecting the environment.


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Concrete columns need sturdy support just like many other architectural forms do. In fact, you need really dense EPS column formwork to prevent it from collapsing under the cement’s hydrostatic pressure.

For that reason, we adjust the density of our EPS to the height of the column. We offer semi-disposable, EPS, and plastic film formwork solutions for circular and architectural columns.

Our EPS columns are a lightweight solution that’s easy to set up, both when installing and dismantling it. In fact, it’s so light that you won’t need a crane to install it. The process is straightforward and time-efficient.

As you’d expect from high-quality EPS formwork, our product has excellent shock-absorbing properties and it’s UV resistant.


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Just like the columns, arch frames are also made out of EPS and plastic. Our arch formwork is a semi-disposable solution that you can reuse up to 6 times.

Creating arches and other unique shapes within concrete walls is no easy task. But with our lightweight solutions, it becomes quite trivial.

Our formwork is perfectly suited for a variety of applications, including decorative concrete arches in both private and public areas. We can also realize specific designs such as arches in Islamic concrete windows, or the regular concrete windows.


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Domes are quite a difficult form to achieve, but the combination of EPS and plastic makes it possible.

The density of EPS allows for the creation of formwork that can sustain the burden of concrete. Our lightweight system can withstand the great weight of concrete

Since our dome formwork solutions are easy to install and incredibly resistant, we can construct both inner and outer domes in as little time as possible.


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Cornices are curved lines that you can find on both the exterior and the interior of a building. They add a nice aesthetic touch to the building, making it more pleasing to the eye, but also have some more useful features.

Exterior cornices can be a great source of shade around your home. They protect the building from the elements, balancing out the temperature, and preventing deterioration.

And aside from all of that, they’re devilishly difficult to make. To create an exterior cornice that will stand the test of time, you need a flexible material to shape into those curved lines.  EPS is an ideal material for this custom shape that can sustain the weight of the concrete, as well as the sun’s rays that the exterior cornice is often exposed to.

Our exterior cornice solution serves both those needs. Firstly, our EPS is highly durable and UV resistant. Secondly, it’s possible to cast it together with the roof slab to ensure a smooth and flawless design. Our lightweight EPS and plastic formwork require no joints, making it the best solution to exterior cornice design.


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A complex shape formwork is the one that sustains concrete in the most unusual of ways.

That’s where EPS comes in to play, as it’s one of the rare materials that can create almost any difficult shape and form.

This includes things such as piers for bridges, curved walls, vaults, curved stairs, and any other special shapes you can imagine. There are almost no limits to what we can achieve with our custom made formwork solutions for complex shapes.

We achieve those solutions through innovative milling procedures and surface coating to deliver high-quality concrete castings.


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Tunnels, underpasses, bridge abutments, decorative walls, and curved surfaces all require ABS plastic form liners.

ABS plastic is really a thermoplastic polymer with no real melting point. Plastic form liners that are made out of it come in various patterns that enable you to decorate concrete as much as you like.

Our lightweight ABS plastic form liner system is highly durable and can, much like our other EPS formwork, be reused several times.