XPS Sheets

XPS Sheets.


XPS Sheets for Insulation

Extruded polystyrene, or XPS for short, is touted as one of the best insulation materials out there. Its high compressive strength, closed-cell structure, and rigidity make it the go-to insulation solution that it is.

For us at Forma Polystyrene Factory, XPS sheets are the staples of our production line. We produce XPS sheets that are used in the insulation of public and residential buildings all over Qatar.

Here’s everything you need to know about our insulation boards and why you need them.


  • > Lightweight
  • > Closed-cell
  • > Waterproof
  • > Vapour resistant
  • > Fire resistant
  • > High compressive strength
  • > Great insulation performance
  • > Retains strong R-value over time
  • > Environmentally friendly


  • > Exterior walls insulation
  • > Inverted roofs
  • > Decks
  • > Below-grade walls
  • > Cavity walls
  • > Floors and balconies
  • > Between rafters.

What Is Extruded Polystyrene?

Extruded polystyrene is a thermoplastic polymer produced in an extrusion process. The end result of that process is a material with a closed-cell structure that keeps both air and water out. Since both air and water are excellent thermal conductors, keeping them out is exactly what you want.

It’s precisely this closed-cell structure that makes XPS foam board insulation so efficient.

XPS Sheets Insulation

If you’re insulating a home or a public building in an area prone to rainfall or cold weather, you can’t just use any material you want. Excessive rains can lead to a water buildup even in the most resilient materials. It gets especially problematic if the temperature goes below zero, as freeze-thaw cycles can cause the water buildup to expand, rupturing insulation from the inside.

You can forget about all of that once you opt for Forma Polystyrene Factory XPS sheets. Our insulation boards are carefully manufactured so as to ensure a completely closed-cell structure in every one of our XPS sheets.

That way, you can rest assured not a single drop of water will permeate the insulation board, keeping the exterior walls dry and the building’s energy efficiency high.

Thermal Performance of Our XPS Sheets

Thermal performance is the measure of how efficient XPS sheets are at preventing the passage of heat. After all, it’s one of the core features of insulation boards, so it’s fair to wonder how efficient XPS is.

Simply put, our XPS sheets have outstanding insulation performance. While it’s incredibly important not to let any of the water through, it’s also crucial to keep the air from flowing freely. The resistance to the conductive flow of heat is called the insulation R-value of XPS, and it’s about 5 per inch.

Our sheets keep thermal conductors at bay, ensuring the energy efficiency of the insulated building.

Our XPS Can Be Fire-Rated

Aside from being waterproof, our XPS can also be fire-retardant. It’s necessary for exterior wall insulation (and several other XPS applications) to be resistant to fire to an extent. We produce XPS that’s fire graded by adding chemicals during the manufacturing process.

However, not every XPS insulation board needs to be fire graded. We also produce XPS sheets that are not fire-rated when it is not required. Usually, you don’t need fire-rated XPS sheets for cold storage insulation, filling, and flooring applications.

Our XPS Sheets Are Versatile

Our XPS sheets have a wide variety of applications as insulation material. Exterior insulation often comes to mind first, but our XPS sheets are also excellent insulators of:

  • Inverted roofs
  • Decks
  • Below-grade walls
  • Cavity walls
  • Floors and balconies
  • Between rafters.
  • Compressive Strengths that Matter

    Our XPS sheets boast high compressive strength. We also produce sheets of varying compressive strength depending on where the sheet is meant to be going.

    Of course, insulation boards of exterior insulation don’t need to be as strong as those on the floor. Despite that, every XPS sheet we produce is an extremely rigid board that serves its purpose.

    Let Us Know How Big Is the Project That Needs Doing

    XPS sheets are rectangular boards of polystyrene of standard size 1.2, which makes them easily appliable and versatile. No matter the size of the project, you can use XPS sheets to cover every last inch of the building and retain maximum energy efficiency.

    Let us know what needs to be done and take advantage of the highest-quality XPS sheets available on the market. You won’t find foam board insulation like this anywhere else.



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