Vegetable and Fruit Box of Expandable Polystyrene.

Shipping perishable vegetable and fruit products is a delicate process that requires good planning and even better storage containers. Without a high-quality vegetable and fruit box, your shipment will spoil and your money will be wasted.

Among many other EPS products, Forma Polystyrene Factory produces a wide range of quality fruit boxes that are affordable, non-toxic, and safe for shipping. If you’re in the business of transportation of fruit, we can help you do it more efficiently.

Safe Vegetable and Fruit Transport Solution


  • > Chemically Inert
  • > Safe for food packaging
  • > Lightweight
  • > Low moisture and water absorption
  • > Shock absorbent material
  • > Environmentally Friendly
  • > Ventilation openings


  • Vegetable Box 1.5 Kg
  • Vegetable Box 2.5 Kg
  • Vegetable Box 3.5 Kg
  • Vegetable Box 7 Kg
  • Vegetable Box 10 Kg
Size (cm)
  • 280 x 175 x 60
  • 280 x 175 x 80
  • 280 x 175 x 120
  • 475 x 265 x 150
  • 475 x 265 x 200

Our boxes made from expandable polystyrene use a safe raw material that doesn’t seep dangerous substances into the products. It also doesn’t allow for the growth of bacteria and fungi, making it the number one vegetable and fruit box material.

EPS fruit boxes are also chemically inert, so you can rest assured that the quality of fruit you ship will never be compromised. However, the fruit still needs to breathe. For the purpose of retaining fruit freshness, we build small ventilation openings into all our fruit box products.

EPS is a shock-absorbent material, ideal for long transport. It’s an environmentally friendly shipping solution with low moisture and water absorption.

Thanks to our thermocol boxes for fruit packaging, the vegetables and fruit you transport will stay fresh, firm, and healthy. You won’t have to worry about spoilage ever again.

Lower Transport Costs

The quality of fruit boxes can impact transportation costs and help your business save money. EPS thermocol fruit packaging boxes consist of air, for the most part, making them extremely light.

If you’re in the business of fruit transportation, we’re certain you can appreciate all the advantages of lightweight food containers. Less weight means more gas saved, lowering transportation costs and helping your business stay profitable.

Every little bit helps. If you can avoid using wood or metal crates which add substantial weight to the load, why not do it? Our thermocol boxes are a far superior solution in every way.

Available Sizes

To transport different kinds of fruit, you’ll need a wide variety of fruit box sizes to choose from. We can produce a fruit box in the following dimensions:

  • Vegetable/Fruit Box 1.5 Kg – 280 x 175 x 60
  • Vegetable/Fruit Box 2.5 Kg – 280 x 175 x 80
  • Vegetable/Fruit Box 3.5 Kg – 280 x 175 x 120
  • Vegetable/Fruit Box 7 Kg – 475 x 265 x 150
  • Vegetable/Fruit Box 10 Kg – 475 x 265 x 200.
  • Whether you transport tropical fruits or regular ones, you can benefit from using one of our EPS boxes. With so many dimensions to choose from, you’re certain to find what you need.

    Best Vegetable and Fruit Transport Solution

    If you need reliable packing polystyrene boxes are the best solution you can find. Ship common vegetables and fruit or even tropical fruits in one of our boxes and they will stay fresh and your business profitable.

    Leave your contact details with us and we’ll reach out to you for more information about our vegetable and fruit boxes.