Ice Boxes With Frozen Fish.

Perishable foods such as fish and ice products require cold storage during transport, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Common packaging solutions are often too bulky and impractical, making the transport of fresh fish more time-consuming (and expensive). You need a fish and ice box that’s easy to handle and cheap to transport.

Forma Polystyrene Factory produces quality thermocol boxes for fish and ice products that are light in weight and affordable. Our EPS thermocol ice boxes are the perfect packaging solutions for perishable goods.

Reduce Time in Transit and Cut Transportation Costs


  • > Chemically Inert
  • > Safe for food packaging
  • > Lightweight
  • > Low moisture and water absorption
  • > Shock absorbent material
  • > Environmentally Friendly
  • > Ventilation openings


  • Ice Box 7 Kg
  • Ice Box 15 Kg
  • Ice Box 20 Kg
  • Ice Box 30 Kg
  • Ice Box 40 Kg
Size (cm)
  • 255 x 300 x 300
  • 265 x 300 x 600
  • 267 x 410 x 560
  • 330 x 620 x 660
  • 340 x 480 x 980

Using our fish box products reduces the expected delivery time. It’s not only a more compact way to transport fresh fish but also easier to load onto trucks. Our thermocol packaging boxes will reduce the goods’ time in transit by the simple virtue of being light in weight. They’re also shock absorbent, making them a perfect fit for all transportation purposes.

Moreover, our lightweight thermocol packaging boxes will also reduce the total weight of the load, cutting the costs of transport.

EPS Thermocol Fish Boxes for Best Insulation

The main thermal property of a thermocol fish box stems from expanded polystyrene, and that’s the ability to retain cold temperature no matter the delivery time. EPS is a lightweight insulation material that will reduce delivery time while keeping frozen foods as fresh as ever.

It’s the sole reason why our boxes keep the cold temperature at all times. Thermocol fish box is one of the most friendly packaging options in the transportation industry.

Size of Boxes

The insulation material is just one of the differences between containers. At Forma, we always produce food packaging from EPS, but the size of boxes we make varies. We offer a wide range of dimensions to choose from:

  • Ice Box 7 Kg – 255 x 300 x 300
  • Ice Box 15 Kg – 265 x 300 x 600
  • Ice Box 20 Kg – 267 x 410 x 560
  • Ice Box 30 Kg – 330 x 620 x 660
  • Ice Box 40 Kg – 340 x 480 x 980.
  • No matter the size, they’re still comparatively light in weight as opposed to a fish box made from any other material.

    Our EPS is Safe for Food Packaging

    We are reliable sources of fish box products, as well as boxes for any kind of transportation of perishable goods.

    First and most importantly, our boxes are chemically inert. They feature low moisture and water absorption and have ventilation openings to ensure there’s no moisture buildup. There’s nothing worse than condensation dripping down on food.

    The best part about Forma thermocol boxes is that they’re completely environmentally friendly. They’re biodegradable and you can recycle them (and even reuse them) when necessary.

    Ensure Safe Transport with EPS Boxes

    Don’t take any chances — food can easily spoil during transport.

    Get a thermocol fish box and cut transportation costs while keeping the food fresh and ice cold. Tell us what you’re transporting and we’ll manufacture the boxes for you.