Construction Building with EPS Sheets.

A variety of construction projects demand cost-effective and energy-efficient insulation solutions. Most materials can’t meet those requirements because they’re either too expensive or difficult to handle. Some of them simply have high thermal conductivity and don’t insulate very well. That’s why you should only put your trust in expanded polystyrene or EPS sheets.

Forma Polystyrene Factory Qatar produces EPS sheets with excellent thermal performance and at a comparably low cost. Our EPS sheets are the number one choice for insulation!

EPS Is an Efficient Insulator

There are a couple of reasons why EPS is such an excellent insulator.


  • > Durable
  • > Lightweight
  • > High thermal insulation properties
  • > Low thermal conductivity
  • > High compressive strength
  • > Low moisture and water absorption
  • > Long term retained R-values
  • > Fire retardant
  • > Environmentally friendly


  • > EIFS
  • > Sound insulation
  • > Floor insulation
  • > Roof insulation
  • > Wall insulation
  • > Foundation insulation
  • > Road insulation
  • > Runway insulation

First of all, it has a decent R-value of 3.6 per inch. While that’s already pretty good on its own, the true potential of EPS lies in its ability to retain the R-value over time, while most other materials lose it. The long-term R-value of EPS means you won’t have to replace the insulation system any time soon.

Since EPS is a closed-cell rigid insulation material with long life, it’s recommended by many insulation professionals worldwide. It has everything you want from insulation materials: low thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation properties, and low moisture and water absorption.

Our EPS is also fire retardant and meets the safety requirements

If you have a construction project and need the perfect insulation material, EPS sheets are the way to go.

Our EPS Sheets Have High Compressive Strengths

The compressive strengths of different materials can vary significantly. You can’t reliably know how strong or resilient various materials are or how they’ll fare in a real-life construction project.

The EPS we produce comes with a very high compressive strength. You can use our EPS sheets beneath any concrete slab without worrying about breaking them. Each and every one of our EPS sheets boasts a high resistance to pressure.

EPS Sheets are Easy to Install

Using heavy materials as insulation in construction applications is not only impractical but also quite inefficient. You need a more time-effective solution than traditional insulation materials.

Polystyrene insulation boards are extremely light, which comes as no surprise considering they’re almost entirely air. That’s one of the reasons why EPS foam insulation is so popular right now. Lightweight EPS sheets require very little effort to install.

EPS Sheets Applications

Polystyrene products such as EPS sheets are frequently used in a variety of construction applications. They’re staples of:

  • Sound insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Foundation insulation
  • Road insulation
  • Runway insulation.
  • EPS sheets are used both in public and residential roofing insulation applications. Roof insulation products can go below or above the rafters if necessary. Ceiling insulation is yet another option — it’s an additional insulation layer for maximum energy efficiency.

    Floor and exterior wall insulation in residential construction projects are frequently carried out using EPS sheets.

    Finally, EPS sheets are the core component of Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS).

    Environmentally Friendly

    Does your construction project have a variety of sustainability quotas to meet? Using EPS sheets meets all the green project goals as it’s a non-toxic material that can be recycled and reused. It’s an environmentally-friendly solution to insulation.

    Durable and Efficient Insulation Your Deserve

    Your construction project can only benefit from cost-effective foam insulation systems that are EPS sheets. The long-lasting EPS R-value is only one of the many reasons why you should use it instead of any other material out there.

    There’s no better material for insulation in construction applications than EPS sheets. Contact us for more information about our EPS and we’ll start producing the sheets you need immediately.



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