EPS Geofoam Being Used in Bridge Construction.

Expanded polystyrene or EPS Geofoam blocks have an immense role to play in a variety of construction projects. Geofoam experts swear by this multifunctional lightweight fill solution that has effectively replaced all heavy fill materials.

Forma Polystyrene Factory is the largest manufacturer of block Geofoam in Qatar. We produce EPS foam blocks in all standard block sizes to meet the growing demand in the construction industry. Here’s all you need to know about our EPS lightweight blocks.

Advantages for Construction Projects

Conventional construction methods involve the constant use of heavy-duty machinery, cranes, and tonnes of concrete. It’s slow, expensive, and nonoptimal to use concrete all the time, especially when building on soft ground.

EPS Geofoam can replace concrete entirely, thus cutting construction times by a significant margin. With a faster construction schedule come additional advantages such as increased savings. Using construction foam, you increase the cost-effectiveness of your project by reducing labor costs. EPS Geofoam is such a light void fill solution that you won’t need any machinery to install it. It’s incredibly easy to handle.


  • > Durable
  • > Lightweight
  • > Ease of handling
  • > High thermal insulation properties
  • > Low thermal conductivity
  • > High compressive strength
  • > Long term retained R-values
  • > Low moisture and water absorption
  • > Fire retardant
  • > Environmentally friendly


  • > Lightweight roads
  • > Road construction
  • > Road widening
  • > Bridge abutments
  • > Bridge underfill
  • > Rail embankment
  • > Foundations fill
  • > Retaining walls
  • > Weight reduction
  • > Side hills
  • > Side hills with retaining walls
  • > Stadium seating
  • > Plaza decks
  • > Landscape / Vegetative roofs

On top of that, a Geofoam project has noticeably lower maintenance costs than all the other lightweight fill alternatives. That’s because it’s highly durable, inexpensive, and boasts immense compressive strength. High compressive resistance means less damage over time, adding to the durability of EPS Geofoam.

Get the most resistant void fill solution for a minimal cost.

Construction Applications

Being such a practical material that it is, EPS Geofoam is beneficial to all kinds of projects that would otherwise have to include concrete, rocks, or other heavy materials. Geofoam is used in:

  • Slope stabilization
  • Earth-retaining structures
  • Lightweight road construction and road widening
  • Bridge construction (as an underfill)
  • Bridge abutment construction
  • Rail embankment construction.
  • While these are some of the most frequent applications of Geofoam in construction, you can do so much more with it. Geofoam blocks are also used in floor raising in villas, apartments, swimming pools, stadiums, insulation, and many other types of projects.

    Lightweight Fill Material

    A frequent problem for construction projects is the burden of concrete on the soil beneath it. It’s a problem that a heavy void fill can’t fix. Weight reduction is an important goal for most construction projects, and there’s no better solution than EPS Geofoam.

    EPS Geofoam is the lightest fill material available, perfect for all void fill purposes. Lightweight fills reduce the total weight of the structure, making EPS Geofoam one of the most sought-after construction materials.

    Number One Choice for Insulation

    Foundation insulation is just as relevant as reducing the load on the soil beneath the structure. With EPS Geofoam at your side, you won’t have to look for any additional thermal insulation.

    Geofoam has outstanding insulation properties and very low thermal conductivity. EPS is the centerpiece of most high-quality building insulation systems nowadays, and it’s a property that you can extend to all construction projects as well.

    Using EPS Geofoam under refrigerated storage buildings will prevent the cold from affecting the soil beneath it. As roadway and runway sub-grade insulation, Geofoam will protect the structure from freezing.

    On top of all that, the insulation properties of EPS make it well-suited to all ground fill applications.

    Eco-Friendly Material

    Besides being one of the most useful lightweight void fill materials, EPS Geofoam is also eco-friendly. It doesn’t contain HCFCs or Formaldehyde and is 100% recyclable. Clean construction projects are the way of the future, and Geofoam will help you get there.

    Optimize Your Construction Project with EPS Geofoam

    There’s no better ally to any construction project than EPS Geofoam. It’s an all-around high-quality material whose features make it a perfect solution for all lightweight fill applications.

    Optimize your construction project with Forma Polystyrene Factory Geofoam and you won’t regret it.



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