The material of choice in the construction of exterior cornice formwork is expanded polystyrene (EPS). At Forma Polystyrene Factory, we understand this better than anyone, and our clients in Qatar would agree.

Here’s what you need to know about our exterior cornice formwork and why EPS is the ideal material for the occasion.

Why EPS for Exterior Cornice Formwork?

Expanded polystyrene is an outstanding thermal insulator. While polystyrene insulation is in high demand, that’s not the only reason to get it. Here’s why we use EPS in the production of durable exterior cornice formwork.


  • > Lightweight
  • >Ease of handling/installing/dismantling
  • > Labour efficient
  • > Time efficient
  • > Cost effective
  • > No need of crane
  • > Shock absorbent material
  • > UV resistant
  • > 1 to 10 reuses
  • > No joints


  • > Exterior concrete cornices
  • > Can be casted with roof/slab

Our EPS is UV Resistant

If the material used in exterior formwork is not UV resistant, it will deteriorate due to long exposure to the sun’s rays. Exactly how long it takes for the material to break down and lose form depends on the material itself, but it will usually happen before the concrete sets in.

With our EPS, you don’t ever have to worry about the formwork losing its durability and shape. Our EPS is UV resistant and thus the perfect solution for all exterior formwork, cornices included.

No Shocks or Scratches

Shocks and scratches are a normal occurrence in lower-quality plastic. Just like UV radiation, they can negatively impact the formwork and decrease the quality of the final cornice.

EPS is a shock-absorbent material, so there’s no chance of formwork losing its shape for that reason.

It’s Lightweight and Easy to Handle

People in the construction sector can breathe a sigh of relief. EPS is a lightweight material, making our exterior cornice frameworks extremely easy to handle. They’re simple to set up, dismantle, and transport. There’s no need for cranes or other heavy-duty machinery to move EPS formwork around.

But don’t let its light weight fool you. Being the flexible material that it is, EPS is also incredibly durable and able to bear the load of concrete. In fact, it’s durable enough to be reused multiple times. The construction industry can truly benefit from using EPS formwork in all their projects.

Cast It with Roofs or Slabs

You can cast our EPS exterior cornice frameworks with roofs or slabs without the annoying joints getting in the way.
Our EPS Is Also Waterproof

Exterior formwork is often at the mercy of the elements, especially water. Rainfall can cause formwork made from other materials to lose durability and weaken the cast. That’s why common solutions aren’t always the best, especially when working outside.

But not EPS. This closed cell insulation material is waterproof, so it’s ideal for exterior decorative items formwork.

Get Cost Effective Today

EPS is one of the most economical materials available. Hence, you can save a lot of money, especially on large projects such as public building cornices. The relatively low price of EPS is one of the reasons why it’s among the most popular materials used in formwork.

We Make Cornice Formwork in Various Styles

Since EPS is so easy to cut, we can make cornice formwork in any style you want. Whichever kind of cornice your project demands, we can produce it.

All you have to do is show us the design, and we’ll manufacture formwork that matches the project requirements. That goes for any custom shape you can imagine.
Decorate Both Private Houses and Public Areas

Both public and private buildings can be decorated with unique cornices that accentuate the building’s style. We can produce exterior cornice formwork regardless of what kind of a building project you’re working on.

What Is EPS’s Impact on the Environment?

Expanded polystyrene is an eco-friendly material that’s biodegradable and free of all toxic substances, unlike any other plastic material. Each raw material that goes into our EPS is safe.

Exterior Cornice Formwork Done Right

EPS is a cost-effective, light-weight, and durable material that makes for strong exterior cornice formwork. There is no better material to use in the production of custom angles for decorative exterior cornices.

Let us know what you need. We’ll take your exterior cornice design and manufacture the formwork that you need to achieve it. Every shape and angle is possible with expanded polystyrene.