EPS Dome Formwork.

Domes are difficult architectural projects to achieve. They require quite a durable formwork that can bear the load of the immense concrete structure above them. Usually, heavier formworks made from other materials are too expensive and difficult to set up. EPS dome formwork increases the speed of construction and cuts costs.

Forma Polystyrene Factory is the leading manufacturer of EPS dome formwork in Qatar. We offer cost-effective variable formwork solutions that the construction industry simply can’t do without. Read on to find out why EPS is the ideal formwork solution for a multitude of applications in the construction sector.


  • > Lightweight
  • >Ease of handling/installing/dismantling
  • > Labour efficient
  • > Time efficient
  • > Cost effective
  • > No need of crane
  • > Shock absorbent material
  • > UV resistant
  • > 1 to 10 reuses


  • > Interior / Exterior domes

Lightweight Material that Cuts Costs

Expanded polystyrene foam is incredibly light, being mostly air. It should already be clear how advantageous EPS is for any construction site. You need neither cranes nor any other heavy machinery to get EPS formwork in place. That makes EPS one of the most low-cost dome formwork solutions.

EPS dome formwork is time and labor-efficient, easy to handle, install and dismantle. On top of all that, EPS is quite affordable, making it an all-around perfect solution to reduce costs and increase the speed of construction.

Durable Formwork with High Load Bearing Capacity

Despite its light weight, EPS is by no means fragile or susceptible to damage from impacts. Since it’s a shock-absorbing material, it’s perfectly safe to reliably use it as formwork. It will displace all the shock, keeping the concrete structure safe at all times.

It’s extremely durable and can bear a load of concrete with ease. Polystyrene foam is a truly outstanding formwork material with immense compressive strength.

With EPS formwork, you’ll be able to construct impressive domes of all dimensions.

Construct Domes with the Help of EPS Formwork

There are no dome formwork solutions better than EPS.

You can use it to construct formwork for both inner and outer domes.

It’s a semi-disposable formwork that can be reused almost a dozen times, making it the smartest investment you can make in your construction project.

In case you’re worried about exterior EPS formwork, you shouldn’t be, as EPS is water and UV-resistant, making it the most suitable material for outdoor projects. It’s almost completely impervious to the elements.

Get the Dome Formwork Your Project Needs

There is absolutely no reason for you to waste your time on inefficient and expensive formwork solutions. Get EPS formwork for the dorms you’re constructing, and make your project that much more efficient.

Get the formwork you need fresh out of Forma Polystyrene Factory today.