EPS Columns


  • > Lightweight
  • >Ease of handling/installing/dismantling
  • > Labour efficient
  • > Time efficient
  • > No need of crane
  • > Shock absorbent material
  • > UV resistant
  • > 1 to 10 reuses


  • > Circular columns
  • > Square / Rectangular columns
  • > Architectural columns

Concrete formwork needs to be durable and highly resistant to the elements, especially in outdoor construction projects. It also needs to be flexible, because flexible formwork can take advantage of the fluidity of concrete to produce complex architectural forms. Timber formwork, steel, or even plywood formwork are too rigid and expensive to be used consistently. That’s where EPS column formwork steps in.

Forma Polystyrene Factory produces highly durable expanded polystyrene (EPS) formwork that construction companies all over Qatar have grown to expect. Take a look at what our EPS column forwork can do for you.

Better Than Traditional Types of Formwork Materials

The traditional types of formwork materials were decent and reliable, but also extremely inefficient. Traditional timber formwork is simply too rigid for it to be the optimal solution. Timber and plywood formwork have been in use for the longest time, but they were always labor-intensive and quite expensive.

EPS, on the other hand, is a flexible formwork solution that’s easy to design, produce, set up at the construction site, and then dismantle.

No matter what kind of columns you need, we can manufacture formwork that’s cheaper, more durable, and easier to set up than any one of the traditional solutions.

EPS in the Construction Industry

You don’t need building site cranes to help you install EPS plastic formwork. It’s a lightweight material, so setting it up won’t disrupt the workflow at the site or require the use of heavy machinery.

Since EPS column formwork is so practical and easy to handle, you’ll be able to cut construction costs and increase the speed of construction. As every expert in the building sector knows, formwork-related tasks can take up to a quarter of the total construction time.

That’s too much time wasted on tasks that take mere minutes if you use EPS for all your formwork needs, and the same goes for columns.

EPS Formwork for All Types of Columns

It doesn’t matter what kind of columns you need to construct — polystyrene foam can be shaped into any complex formwork you desire. EPS consists of high-strength sheets of fabric that can help you achieve any building form you need.

When it comes to columns, we can manufacture any type of formwork you require:

  • Circular columns.
  • Square or rectangular columns.
  • Architectural columns.
  • Give us the architectural requirements of the columns you’re to construct, and we’ll produce the exact framework you need to achieve it.

    A Semi-Disposable Shock-Absorbing Formwork Solution

    The cost of formwork doesn’t have to be high. Steel or timber formwork is too expensive to be used in larger projects.

    Polystyrene foam formwork is semi-disposable, meaning you can use it up to a dozen times. It’s also more affordable in the first place, making it quite an economical choice.

    Not only that but EPS is a shock-absorbent material that’s also UV-resistant, making it the number one choice for outdoor formworks such as bridge column formwork. Due to its shock-absorbing capabilities, EPS is the perfect formwork solution for any structural column.

    Get EPS to Optimize Your Construction Schedule

    Optimize your construction process with durable and insulated formwork made out of EPS. You won’t get such a smooth finish on concrete with any other material currently available.

    Get EPS formwork today to enjoy maximum efficiency at the construction site.