Expanded polystyrene or EPS blocks are large rectangular foam sculpting blocks that are the end results of our production process. Forma Polystyrene Factory is the leading manufacturer of EPS foam blocks in Qatar. Our EPS is the solution to a variety of problems in the construction industry.

Keep reading to find out how polystyrene blocks can make your job easier and more cost-effective.

We Cut EPS Blocks Into Whatever You Need

We can cut the giant sculpting foam blocks into any shape you need to serve a variety of purposes in the construction industry.


  • > Lightweight
  • > Ease of handling
  • > Fire retardant
  • > High thermal insulation properties
  • > Low thermal conductivity
  • > High compressive strength
  • > Low moisture and water absorption
  • > Long term retained R-values
  • > Environmentally friendly


  • > Insulation sheets
  • > Geofoam
  • > Void filling
  • > Floor raising
  • > Wedding and events decoration
  • > Semi-disposable formwork

We can cut them into EPS sheets, geofoam, void cylinders, formwork, and many other practical and creative products. The applications of EPS are almost limitless due to its unique characteristics.

Our team manufactures only the highest-quality EPS blocks that we can then easily cut into whatever you need. We use state-of-the-art machinery to cut blocks into perfect EPS products with smooth surfaces and quality finishes.

Dimensions of Our EPS Blocks

At the end of our EPS production line, we are left with EPS blocks of standard dimensions. The base size of our polystyrene blocks is 1m x 1.2m and the height is 2.5m/4m/6m.

That’s the block size of each EPS foam carving block we produce. Once we have our EPS block, we can start cutting it according to your measures.

EPS Is Lightweight, Easy to Handle, and Affordable

Due to their light weight, EPS products are quite easy to handle and don’t require special equipment to move around. It’s an extremely versatile material that will reduce construction time due to how light and reliable it is.

Every giant foam sculpting block we produce is also fairly inexpensive. EPS is one of the most economical materials, perfect for any large construction process. You will see construction costs go down significantly.

We Make EPS Blocks with High Compressive Strength

One of the most most important qualities of our EPS blocks is high compressive strength. Compressive strength is a crucial characteristic of any material to be used as a void filler. We produce EPS that boasts incredible compressive strength that suits a wide variety of construction needs.

High-Quality Material and Insulator

EPS blocks are fire retardant and have low moisture and water absorption. On top of that, it’s also environmentally friendly as it doesn’t contain any toxic material that can seep into the soil

High thermal insulation properties are another important characteristic of our EPS blocks. We produce EPS that retains its R-value over long periods of time.

Perfect Solution for Multiple Applications

We can cut EPS blocks into anything that our clients in the construction sector need. There are few materials out there that are as versatile and practical as EPS is. Here are just a couple of its uses:

  • Bridge construction. EPS is an excellent solution for bridge abutments. Due to its high compressive strength, it can absorb the wall displacement and dissipate lateral pressures.
  • Embankment construction. You can help bridge uneven terrain in road construction with EPS embankments and reduce construction time.
  • Void filling. EPS blocks can fill the voids in the construction of highways or in any other kind of project where you have voids between the soil and the construction.
  • Insulation sheets. Probably the most common use of EPS blocks. We cut them into sheets to be used as insulation in the construction of buildings.
  • Floor raising. EPS blocks go into all floor rasing projects where you need durable, long-lasting, and economical materials.
  • Wedding and events decoration. We can cut EPS blocks into universal foam products and decorations to be used in all kinds of events and weddings.
  • Semi-disposable formwork. At Forma Polystyrene Factory, we also cut EPS blocks into semi-disposable formwork that’s reusable multiple times. With EPS, we can produce formwork for even the most difficult and complex shapes.
  • Our EPS Blocks Can Become Anything

    You can use the entire EPS blocks or have them cut into a variety of universal foam products. It’s up to you.

    Show us what needs to be done, and we’re certain we can achieve it thanks to our high-quality EPS blocks.



    EPS sheets are commonly used for wall/floor insulation in the construction sector. They are also used as the core material for EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System).


    Geofoam is a multifunctional EPS filling solution that consists of customized EPS cut blocks used as lightweight void fillers that support highways, airport runways, bridges…