EPS Beads on a Dark Surface.

Expanded polystyrene beads or EPS beads for short have a wide range of uses in both construction and non-construction applications.

Forma Polystyrene Factory produces beads of polystyrene for ready-mix suppliers. If you wanted an aggregate that makes for lighter concrete, you’re in the right place.


  • > Option 1: Virgin Material (3mm – 15mm)
  • > Option 2: Recycled material (3mm – 12 mm)
  • > Apparent density 12-18 kg / m3
  • > Environmentally Friendly


  • > Low weight ready mix
  • > Bean bags filling

Reduce Structural Weight with Our EPS Beads

The concrete exerts too much pressure on the foundations of a building. It’s heavy and quite expensive at that, and there’s no construction project that couldn’t benefit from a material that’s lighter and easier to handle.

We produce EPS beads out of a raw material that we then expand using pentane gas. During our manufacturing process, the bead size increases up to fifty times its original size!

The end result of our production process is lightweight spherical beads with a wide variety of applications. Ready-mix cement suppliers can combine our EPS beads with other compounds to produce concrete that’s lighter than normal.

The concrete you produce using EPS beads will not only be lighter but also far cheaper. Using the beads will reduce construction costs and make for a lightweight alternative that’s both durable and reusable.

Lightweight and Non-Absorbent Aggregate

Polystyrene beads are a lightweight and non-absorbent aggregate, making them a perfect solution for a variety of construction applications.

You don’t need to use regular concrete for every building application. In fact, there are certain applications where low-density concrete is a much better solution. That’s exactly the kind of concrete you get from using EPS beads as an aggregate.

Mixing in EPS beads produces the kind of low-density concrete you need for constructing load-bearing concrete blocks, composite flooring systems, and cladding panels for curtain walls.

Our EPS Beads Options

Our EPS beads come in two different material varieties: Virgin Material (3mm – 15mm) and Recycled material (3mm – 12 mm).

Bean Bag Filling

Bean bag beads are an excellent filling solution for all bean bag manufacturers. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and fast solution to fill the bags with, get our bean bag filler beads made of EPS.

We offer affordable and easy-to-use filling that’s durable. The bean bags that you fill with our beads won’t lose form as fast as other materials do.

Get the Best Lightweight Fill Material on the Market

There is no better alternative to bean bag filling than EPS beads. However, that’s only one of the non-construction applications of EPS beads. If you need a serious construction application such as mixing lightweight concrete, EPS beads can help you do that as well.

Talk to us to get more information about our high-quality EPS beads. We’ve got you covered.