EPS - Expanded Polystyrene Block-Outs Archway

Arches are among the more difficult architectural elements to pull off. It takes an enormous amount of skill and reliable formwork to create arched windows or decorative concrete arches. At Forma Polystyrene Factory, we can help you construct the most intricate arches by providing you with durable and reusable EPS arch formwork.

Reduce the Construction Time

We know that construction projects take a lot of time and that there’s no room for inefficient construction methods. The same applies to the formwork you use — it needs to be easy to handle and strong or you’ll waste a lot of resources setting it up. Traditional timber formwork, for example, is quite difficult to set up and not very resilient under different weather conditions.


  • > Lightweight
  • >Ease of handling/installing/dismantling
  • > Labour efficient
  • > Time efficient
  • > Cost effective
  • > No need of crane
  • > Shock absorbent material
  • > UV resistant
  • > 1 to 10 reuses


  • > Traditional concrete windows
  • > Islamic concrete windows
  • > Decorative concrete arches

Using our EPS concrete formwork, you’ll be able to save valuable time by increasing the speed of construction. EPS arch formwork is so incredibly time-efficient because it’s light and easy to handle. You’ll be able to get it in place without special machinery or cranes, and then remove it just as easily.

Since it’s so time and labor-efficient, you’ll see the cost of construction go down. If you need to build difficult shapes such as arches, all you need is our concrete foam solution. Place the EPS foam where you want the arch and pour concrete over it. It’s that easy.

EPS Arch Formwork is a Contemporary Construction Solution

Traditional timber formwork is not only more expensive than EPS but also far more difficult to handle. It’s also less resistant to water and, depending on the complexity of the construction, not always reusable.

There really is no reason for the construction industry to struggle with traditional timber formwork or any other common formwork materials anymore. EPS formwork has everything that a concrete construction project needs.

Take our EPS formwork and use it to build arch frames. Not only is it light and easy to handle but it’s also waterproof and UV resistant. If you’re building arched windows, you need formwork that won’t lose its properties due to sunlight exposure or rainfall. EPS checks all those boxes.

On top of that, it’s reusable several times as it can be reshaped and repurposed if necessary. Plastic materials like our EPS are the future of arch formworks (and many others)!

We produce formwork for a variety of architectural forms including column formwork and beam formwork, just to name some.

Excellent Shock Absorption and Compressive Strength

Our EPS arch formwork is an excellent shock absorber that can resist vibration and different types of mechanical noise. The compressive strengths of different materials vary, but if you really want high compressive strengths, then you can’t go wrong with EPS.

We produce EPS arch formwork that conforms to the specific strength requirements of your project.

A Variety of Arch Formwork Applications

You can use our EPS arch formwork in a variety of applications where an arch-like element is required. Among other things, you can use our formwork to build:

  • Traditional concrete windows
  • Islamic concrete windows
  • Decorative concrete arches.
  • Our creation of formwork depends on the specifications of our clients’ concrete structures. Give us the measurements and we’ll produce the exact formwork you need.

    We can even manufacture formwork with form liners for decorative arches. They give a truly unique texture to the arches you’re building.

    Eco-Friendly Material for Concrete Structures

    Reduce the carbon footprint of your concrete construction processes by using EPS arch formwork. It’s a recyclable material that can be used several times over and comes with no toxic chemicals.

    Put Our EPS Arch Formwork to Good Use

    There’s no better way to build arches in concrete walls than to use our lightweight EPS formwork.

    Contact us with more details about the project, and we’ll produce your formwork in no time.